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Are you looking for a place to work in the centre of Pilsen? Join us in our cowork – we offer modern and fully equipped office space suitable for individuals or smaller teams. Both offices and separate workplaces are available. To make a good impression on a visitor or business partner, rent a meeting room.

Within the cowork you can use

And how does cowork look like?

To Rent

Workplace: 2 available to rent, price from 3 000 CZK/month without VAT
K4: Office for 4 – booked until December 2022, price 7 400 CZK/month without VAT
K6: Office for 6 – booked until January 2023, price 9 300 CZK/month without VAT
VR Lab – booked until December 2022, price 8 000 CZK/month without VAT
Meeting rooms – up-to-date information available in the reservation system


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Private equipped full-time working place for individuals or for those who have their facilities elsewhere, but sometimes need a change of scene or need to use a printer, drink good coffee and to impress visitors. At the same time, however, they do not want to be bound for a long time and to take care of the operation of the office.

Current occupancy: 2 workplaces available
Price without VAT: from 3000 CZK/month

The price includes high speed internet, cleaning, and all energy costs. Printing, copying, or coffee are charged according to real consumption (see the Pricelist).

Workplace Equipment

There is a work desk with hinged electricity and high-speed plugs, a comfortable work chair, a movable lockable container that can serve as an emergency seat for a visitor; and a locker for anything you need to have within arm’s reach.

What you should know

With an own chip, it is possible to enter the building during working hours (Mon-Fri; 7 am – 6pm). By prior arrangement, the unlimited access mode can be set 24/7. The lease agreement is signed for an indefinite period (at least for 1 month) with a 15-day period of notice. The price of renting a workplace does not depend on the frequency of use.

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Meeting Rooms

Two equipped rooms for undisturbed meetings with clients, partners or business meetings with colleagues (onsite and online) are available during business hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the last booking is therefore possible from 3 p.m. You can use one-off and repeated rental. Next to the meeting room, you will find a kitchenette with a coffee machine, a jug kettle, a refrigerator and the dishes; telephone booth, bathroom and a cloakroom.

Price without VAT:
First hour 500 CZK
Every additional hour 200 CZK

The price includes equipment rental, use of shared space, high speed internet (wifi) and refreshments (coffee, tea, carafe of still water). At the reception desk, you can also arrange to have your guests introduced, to have your coffee, water or a small snack prepared. You can also rent video-conference equipment upon your previous request.



Meeting room Z10 is suitable for up to 10 people. The seating arrangement in this room is fixed (1 long table, 10 upholstered chairs).

The room is furnished with a large touchscreen monitor with an integrated computer connected to high speed internet and MS Office 365 (MS Teams included). The screen can be used as a digital whiteboard. You can write on it, edit presentations, or use it as a normal remote monitor. Everything can be stored and sent electronically anywhere – it depends on your work style.

Meeting room „No. 10“ is located next to the kitchenette which you can comfortably use during the meeting. There is a refrigerator, where you can keep your own snacks.

Meeting romm Z10: Cowork BIC Plzeň, Riegrova 1, Plzeň


Meeting room Z12 is suitable for up to 12 people. It is located next to the reception, it offers variable seating arrangement (6 tables/desks, 12 upholstered chairs).

The room is furnished with a SmartTV, a flipchart and a wall hanging system for well arranged work with paper documents. High speed internet and wifi are a matter of course. Meeting room “No. 12” has great acoustics, so it is suitable for video conferences – you save your time and money on travel.

Meeting romm Z12: Cowork BIC Plzeň, Riegrova 1, Plzeň


Start-up offices are primarily intended for start-ups and small companies that use the services of BIC Plzeň. We offer 2 offices (K4 with 4 workplaces and K6 with 6 workplaces), each for a maximum period of one year. After the end of the lease period, it will be possible to move to the premises of the business incubator in Science Park in Pilsen.

Price without VAT:
K4 (4 workplaces) – 7.400 CZK/month – booked until December 2022
K6 (6 workplaces) – 9.300 CZK/month – booked until January 2023
VR Lab – 8 000 CZK/month – booked until December 2022

The price includes electricity, heating, cleaning of common area and the office equipment rental. For a fee, it is possible to rent a meeting room, use the restricted internet network or computer technology (e.g. monitor). Printing/copying and coffee consumption are charged according to actual consumption at the end of the month (see the Pricelist).

Office Equipment

There are 4/6 work desks with hinged electricity and high-speed plugs, 4/6 comfortable work chairs, a movable lockable containers for each workplace that can serve as an emergency seat for a visitor; and a locker for anything you need to have within arm’s reach.

Additional Services

At the entrance to the building, each of the offices has its own doorbell, from the office it will be possible to “ring” the visit independently of the reception. With their own chip and key, all tenants in the offices have unlimited access 24/7. Office tenants can at any time use the shared spaces of the cowork.


Coworkers can benefit from advisory services from BIC Plzeň consultants (development of innovative business, financing and funding, foreign contacts for business or technological cooperation, etc.).

Virtual Headquarters

Selected start-ups that do not need their own office or long-term workplace can take the opportunity to set up a virtual headquarters in our premises. They will get their own mailbox in the building and a signboard/logo at the entrance to the house.

Virtually located companies take the advantage of services provided by the consultants of BIC Plzeň. They can also rent a meeting room in cowork.

Price without VAT:
5 000 CZK/year


Documents to Download (CZ version available only)


Do you want to ask a question about renting a workplace or an office? Do you want to find out more about our services or book a meeting place for your important meeting?

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