BIC Plzeň

We offer advice on entering new markets and selecting suitable business partners abroad.

We provide advice on foreign trade and help find new business partners. We will help you identify new technologies abroad or offer you newly developed technologies, innovative projects or services on international markets. In providing services we utilise our membership in the largest worldwide network that supports enterprise and innovation, Enterprise Europe Network.

Foreign Business Opportunities

Foreign business activities feature a number of conditions and specificities. We suggest you to consult your plans and needs with our specialists. You can receive answers to a number of specific questions, thus shortening your time spent preparing for activities abroad. In providing consulting and searching for business contacts for companies, we make use of an extensive network of partners in 60 different countries.

What can we offer?

  • Looking for a suitable supplier or production partner according to the company’s needs, identifying innovative foreign products for the Czech market
  • Assistance selecting suitable foreign business partners and starting communication
  • Consulting in connection with providing services and posting workers abroad
  • Selecting suitable trade fairs and events, with the opportunity to prepare a schedule of meetings with selected business partners in advance
  • Information on opportunities for receiving funding to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Sector-focused research on tenders/purchasing enquiries abroad
  • Information on product or service availability on a specific foreign market

International Technology Cooperation

Research and development activities may result in new technology, a prototype, patent, process, software or more. It’s important to select the right way to market such results so that the efforts and funds you expended on R&D return to you. This is often connected with identifying suitable partners for commercialisation.

Companies often do not have enough of their own funds and capacity to carry out research. For them it is better to buy or acquire the rights to use new technology. Here, too, we can help and connect you with the right partners.

What can we offer?

  • Find suitable partners for R&D projects
  • Offer your new technology to subjects abroad
  • Based on the company’s needs and requirements, we conduct a survey of available technologies
  • Mediation of contacts with foreign subjects that offer new technology
  • Arrange meetings with potential foreign partners
  • Identify suitable programme that supports planned development activities
  • Assist in finding programmes that support implementing innovation in production and market uptake

International Cooperation in Research, Development and Innovation

We help companies find suitable partners to collaborate in R&D and innovation projects, especially as part of international programmes such as Horizon Europe, Eureka, Eurostars 3. In doing so, we make use of our contacts with partner organisations in over 60 different countries.

What can we offer?

  • Consulting on conditions for participating in international programmes that support R&D and innovation such as Horizon Europe, Eureka, Eurostars 3
  • Information about current calls to submit projects
  • Information about opportunities to get involved in specific prepared projects
  • Search for international partners for a prepared project
  • Development project consulting and drafting
  • Assistance in meetings with potential foreign partners

And How It Really Works?

We work with a daily updated international database containing

  • business offers and requests;
  • technology offers and requests;
  • partner search for research, development and innovation projects.

Are you interested in contact  mediation in order to establish new international cooperation? Do you need advice on posting workers?

Write to us or give us a call.

You will explain to us the essence of your business, your expectations and possibilities. We will propose a solution and let’s start the work. For example, we can create a company profile, define exactly what or who you are looking for and publish it in the international database for 2 years for free. We can find a business and/or production partner or tailor-made technology. We are in contact with research organizations and universities throughout Europe. We will advise you if it is appropriate to establish a subsidiary abroad and when you must register for VAT in order to avoid fines. And we do all this for free. We can do a lot, so get in touch.

You can search for profiles of foreign companies according to your chosen criteria at

An overview of all international b2b events from various fields with the possibility of arranging meetings in advance can be found at

Enterprise Europe Network services in the Czech Republic are implemented within a consortium of several partners coordinated by the Technology Centre Prague since 2008. These services are funded by European Union new Single Market Programme (SMP) under grant agreement No. 101052765 and co-financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Most services are provided free of charge.