BIC Plzeň

We are BIC – Business and Innovation Centre.  We act within several international networks that support business and innovation, working in partnership with numerous other partners at the regional, national and international levels.

With our activities, we have long contributed to the development of collaboration between companies and research institutes, especially universities, with the aim of stimulating development at companies. In cooperation with partners, we have prepared and launched a number of support programmes and activities, such as the “Business Vouchers” programme to support collaboration between companies and research organisations and the “Knowledge Transfer Partnership” pilot programme, which was focused on the transfer of knowledge from universities to companies.

We are members of the following business support networks

  • European Business and Innovation Centres Network (EBN) – a network of enterprise and innovation centres at the international level. We meet the quality criteria established by the European Commission, and based on a quality audit by EBN it was given the opportunity to continue using the EC BIC brand in 2021 – “European Community Business & Innovation Centre” – “EU|BIC Certificate”.
  • Enterprise Europe Network – a network which supports mainly small and medium-sized enterprises to enter foreing markets in 60 different countries.
  • Science and Technology Parks Association CZ (SVTP).

We are also active in  

  • Pilsen Region Council for Research, Development and Innovation
  • Danube – Vltava Working Group
  • Enterprise Europe Network sector group

Our partners

City of Plzen ⋅ Regional authority of Plzen Region ⋅ Regional Development Agency of Plzen Region ⋅ Science and Technology Park Plzen ⋅ University of West Bohemia ⋅ Research and Testig Institute Plzen ⋅ Urban Planning and Development Institute of the City of Pilsen ⋅ Chamber of Commerce of Plzen Region ⋅ South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising ⋅ South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce ⋅ Bayern Handwerk International GmbH ⋅ Industrial Property Office ⋅ Regional Office Plzen of IHK Regensburg and AHK Tschechien